The rocking fisherman

noise2My name is Dwayne, and I’m a passionate fisherman who has been eager to create his own blog for quite a while. I kept postponing it until I got to the conclusion that I needed a space where I could share my love for fishing with other people just like me. Since I’m also a huge fan of music, particularly rock, I’ll also be discussing some of the concerts I go to or the albums that have been close to my heart over the years. I’ve started this blog to talk about these two passions and hopefully, I can connect with other anglers who feel the same way about rock music and are as passionate as I am about finding out new things about tackle, gear, and various types of fishing equipment.


noise4When I think about angling, I usually remember my father as we used to hang out during the weekends and go to a nearby stream where I had my first chance to try out some fly fishing. Naturally, my dad was keen on the idea of explaining all the basics of fishing to me, but since I didn’t have any experience, he thought that fly fishing was the easiest way to get me hooked on the sport. He was right. Here I am, twenty years later, an angler myself, trying to teach fishing to my son and daughter whenever I get some time off from work. Since over the years I have collected a myriad of sources that I’ve used to perfect my skills, I will be sharing them with you in the hopes that they will assist you in your progress.


Over time, I’ve also experimented with using different tools, whether we’re talking about filleting knives or any other extras that can be used to prepare any fish for cooking. My wife isn’t as passionate about fishing as I am, but she will cook a very nice meal for me whenever she can. Now that I have the assistance of the kids from time to time, I can teach them a thing or two about what it means to survive in the wild and how you can catch your food and eat it, too.


My other passion is rock music. I’ve been a fan of bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, and many other groups that were popular in the 70s. Even though I’m hardly old enough to have been able to go to Woodstock, I would have loved to do so. I’ll share some of the best concerts I’ve found online, and I will also speak about what this music meant to me when I was growing up.


In the end, I can only hope that you enjoy the time you will spend reading my posts and that they will be helpful enough to allow you to learn something.

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