Why you should wear sunglasses when fishing both in the summer and in the winter



A pair of sunglasses is an accessory that no fishermen should ever do without, whether fishing in the summer or winter. The reasons go beyond mere eye protection alone. By sunglasses here, I mean polarized ones, of course.



Why wear sunglasses when fishing in the summer?


If you head out to do any sports activity such as fishing, or even hunting and hiking, you can feel the heat bearing down on you, right? With hot sunny days come elevated temperatures, and this drives home the truth that all the campaigns on global warming and of Greenpeace and many others have been trying their darnedest to make us see: the ozone layer just isn’t what it used to be anymore. With summer temperatures continuing to soar every year, all you really want to do is jump in the water somewhere and stay there. You can’t even stare directly at the sun unless with a good solar telescope or something.

With a pair of polarized sunglasses on, you can look at everything under the sun without getting your eyes hurt. You also get to enjoy clear images with your peepers. Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes from the uncomfortable glare of the sun. Moreover, they also protect the eyes from dust on your boat or from the salty water. And don’t let me get started on the headaches you could get from being out in the sun too long. Truly, sunglasses have evolved from being fashion pieces to being part of your protective gear collection.

Sunglasses protect the eyes from sand and those minuscule objects that could be floating around in the air. They also help ensure that the most delicate parts of the eyes namely, the pupil, the cornea and the corners around the eyes, do not get sunburned. They help prevent eye diseases such as skin cancer (hey, the eyes are surrounded by skin, okay?), cataracts due to UV exposure, macular degeneration, pterygium and worst forms of glaucoma.

Sunglasses help anglers see clearly because they see more. They also promote healing, aside from shielding the eyes from the reflection caused by artificial lights in electronic gadgets such as a GPS device.


Why wear sunglasses in the winter?


The sun’s rays can seriously damage the eyes whether in summer or winter. Sitting lower in the sky, the winter sun also assumes a different angle compared to warmer seasons and this gives greater exposure for those who stay out in the snow for an extended period of time such as when doing sports like fishing. Snow reflects up to 85 percent of the sun’s UV rays and this is compounded by the reflective snowflakes. The upward reflection can make it difficult to see the water, which is why you need sunglasses. The UV rays can cause sunburned eyes, resulting in snow blindness, which is also a problem for those who ski and drive snowmobiles. Snow blindness can cause corneal damage, which can be quite painful.
Oh, and one important thing. Sunglasses do not make you catch more fish. Ultimately, it will be your angling abilities that will ensure more catch. That and your collection of fishing gear.

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